Account Receivable Template

Each one company should have a mechanism in place to manage the great balances owed to them. Using this account receivable template will help rationalize the process by handover an area for you to track the volumes due to your company and help register collection achievements.

Account Receivable Template Excel

For any company providing equipment or utilities, using an invoice that looks licensed, efficient and can be personalize to fit your demands, is important. This plain bill template will help you get start swiftly. Add your company details and payee material, give an itemized list of the information, volume, and price of every item you are charging for, and add directions on how your client may remit payment.

Account Receivable Template

Content for Account Receivable Template

In Row 1 enter company name or business name. Company name enters these cells A1 to J1. Combine the Cells.

In Row 2 heading of the sheet enters these Cells B2 to J2. Combine the Cells. Headings can be put as Accounts Receivable register or Debtors register.

In Row 3 Different headings as number below

  1. The subheading for Present Date in Cell A5.
  2. Next Cell B4 which will reflect the present date of the system using the formula which is =TODAY(). The date will automatically adjust according to the system date. You don’t need to adjust it every time and this method saves your time and your work is easy.
  3. The Entire Receivable subheading writes in D3.
  4. In the Cell, J3 shows entire receivable till date from the data below. The formula which is use here =SUM(J5: J23).

In Row 4 this row consists of subheadings for data which is input. For example,

Invoice Date, Invoice number, Customer name, Total Amount of Bill, payment 1 and payment 2 and their various date are details to be put while entering data.

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For the Due date, you can set an activity which automatically calculates a number of days for you and presents the specific date of payment. For this, your demand to set an activity like this = Cell address which contains date + Number of days for the grant. Here on our sheet, it is 60 days. Therefore the formula enter is =A5+60. Copy to all cells below by simple copy paste, this will apply the same settings to all cells below.

The balance here is calculated by deducting the total amount of invoices of our customers – Sum (Payment1 + payment2) etc. In this template formula use is


Accounts Receivable Template is an evidence which records sale of utility or equipment by a company made on credit. In other words, Account receivable register records the credit invoices of a company to its debtors. These receivables are our resources. Accounts receivable is list as current resources on the seller’s balance sheet. It also includes details about the items being deliver,  Use a bill of load template to ensure you complete this document for every shipping transaction. This template includes a signature field that should be sign by you, then the shipping company, and finally the recipient, therefore that if the shipment is misplace, the signature information will help to identify at what place it was lost and who was liable.

Download “Account Receivable Template” Account-Receivable-Template.xlsx – Downloaded 83 times – 18 KB

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