Lump Sum Purchase Calculator For Finance

The term lump sum purchase states to a contract that contains several assets are acquired for a single price paid for a bundle of assets.  The assets must be noted distinctly as a fixed asset in the accounting records. Therefore, the lump sum purchase may include numerous asset classes, the buying price is assigned among […]

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Gross Profit Method Calculator

Gross Profit Method Calculator – Finance

The gross profit method is one way of estimating the cost of inventory at the end of an accounting period. This gross profit method calculator works out the historical gross profit percentage of a business and then uses this to estimate the cost of the ending inventory for the current accounting period. Gross Profit Method […]

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fixed asset turnover ratio calculator

Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio Calculator

In business, fixed asset turnover is the ratio of sales (on the Profit and loss account) to the value of fixed assets (property, plant, and equipment or PP&E, on the balance sheet). This illustrates how strong the business is using its fixed assets to achieve sales. The higher the ratio, the better, because a high […]

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economic order quantity EOQ

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Calculator

Economic order quantity (EOQ) is the order quantity of inventory that reduces the entire cost of inventory managing system. There are two most important types of inventory costs are ordering costs and carrying costs. Ordering costs Ordering costs are costs that are experienced finding extra inventories. The ordering costs contain transport, administrative staff costs, receiving, […]

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chain discount calculator

Chain Discount Calculator – Finance Calculators

What is Chain Discount? These are several discounts which a business offers on its original list price. Chain Discount calculator is beneficial in inspiring customers to take positive actions such as to make a capacity purchase. Methods to Chain Discount There are two methods that may be used to compute the net cost price: Determine […]

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Cash Flow Ratios Calculator

The idea of cash flow is different from the idea of profit (net income). Cash flow ratios is the net amount of cash and cash-equivalents (the line item on the balance sheet that reports the worth of a company’s resources that are cash or can be converted into cash) moving into and out of a business. Positive cash flow […]

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capital lease accounting journals

Calculate Capital Lease Accounting Journals

In daily business, Capital lease accounting journals deals with the analysis of an asset rented by a business under the terms of a capital lease agreement. Capital lease or finance lease is an agreement between the business (lessee) to rent an asset from a lessor. The rent out company, finance company control the asset, and […]

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Average Gross Margin Calculator – Finance Calculations

This average gross margin calculator will help you to evaluate the weighted average gross margin for a business. Commonly a business will have a number of product lines and know the gross margin on each. To calculate the average gross margin for the business it is necessary to weight each product margin by its analog […]

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Annuity Payment Calculator

Annuity Payment Calculator Free – Finance Calculators

An annuity is a mandatory agreement between you and an insurance company that aids in meeting your financial goals at retirement. They usually require that you make an initial lump sum payment or a series of scheduled payments, in exchange for the insurer paying to your annual payments at a future date. Annuities usually delay […]

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Accrual to Cash Conversion

Accrual to Cash Conversion Calculator Excel

Most financial statements are prepare under the accruals basis of accounting (is the idea of recording revenues when earned and expenses as acquired in the period in which they are earned) as required by GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). Accrual to Cash Conversion Calculator Accrual basis of accounting regardless of the timing of the related cash flow. On the other hand, cash basis […]

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