payment voucher template

Payment voucher template are normally meant for making payments. Vouchers are normally in the arbitrary format which will contain all the crucial details like to whom the payment is made, the purpose for which the payment is made, amount of payment, authority for making payment etc.

Payment Voucher Template Excel

A document which is use as proof that a temporary transaction has develop between two parties. In a business organization, a payment voucher is use for a collection of different purposes, sometimes talking the place cash in an action, acting as a payment receipt, or showing that an invoice has been approve for payment.

How to use payment voucher template?

Payment voucher is generally a per-numbered form which is use in the accounts payable department to standardize and boost a company’s internal control over payments to its dealers and service providers.
payment voucher template
A voucher is usually prepare after a dealer’s invoice has been match with the company’s purchase order and receiving the report. In inclusion to attaching the three things to the voucher, the subsequent information is also enter on the voucher: dealer name, concession terms, the amount and date to be paid, the general record account numbers to be charge, and the authorizing signatures. The voucher is then record in the voucher register.

The unpaid vouchers provide the detail for the total amount record as vouchers payable or account payable.

As a voucher’s payment date comes near, the voucher is forward to an authorize person for payment. After making payment, a copy of the check is clip and the voucher is stamp “Paid”. It is then fill in the paid voucher file in order to prevent a duplicate payment.

Establishments of Payment Voucher

Documents require from dealers:

Payment vouchers are to be compensated from authentic invoices. Every effort is made to pay for an authentic invoice to reduce the number of duplicate payments made to dealers. If any reason the authentic invoice is not available should be note on the fax invoice or the copy of the invoice.

The following information will assist in ensuring that dealers are paid correctly, able to easily identify the payment, and paid in a timely manner in accordance with different laws, guidelines, rules, procedures, etc.

Dealer id

The dealer ID, name, and address must match the information as specified on the invoice, bill, or another payment request from the dealer.

Invoice Number

The Invoice Number is the information that the dealer needs to identify the payment. This should include the dealer assign an account number and the invoice number.

Details of Goods

The invoice should state, simple what items are being purchase. The price should include the amount per item and extension for more than one item. Sales tax should not be include as the State of Texas is exempt from paying this tax.

Utility of Goods

The “Goods Receive Dates” are the dates the material was accept or the services achieve. If not receive by Central Receiving, the department should indicate “OK To Pay,” sign and date the document.

Receive Date

The Invoice Receive Date is the date that the correct payment request was first receive by the paying department (mail, fax, hand deliver). This date must be clearly indicate on the payment request.

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