Receipt voucher template is a sales receipt with the check. It could be cash or maybe economic institution invoice. The receipt versifier is an invoice to the allowance. It can be money as well as economic institution bill. The receipt voucher has to contain the details of the person who remit the amount to company or business, the purpose of remittance head of account under which the remittance is made, amount remitted, mode of remittance whether by cash, cheque or draft etc.

Receipt Voucher Template

Receipt voucher becomes the source record for recording the receipt transactions like receipt register, general record etc. Vouchers are also to be maintained properly for the purpose of analysis. Voucher are also to be numbered from the beginning of the economic year till the end of the economic year. Company or business may receive payments for various purposes like sales, settlement of dues etc. In such cases, the receipt transactions are accounted for through the receipt voucher.

receipt voucher template

Receipt Voucher is inclined to all the money received by the business rigid. Money is received by a company for the following reasons: –

  • Cash Sales
  • Payment received from the customers against the dues.
  • Advance payment from customers.
  • Refund of securities.
  • Payment received from creditors against the debit balance lying in their account.
  • Receipt of any type of income i.e. interest, commission, rent etc.
  • Refund of any tax amount from tax authorities.
  • Any other receipts.

Money is received in the following forms: –

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Demand Drafts or Pay Orders
  • Direct transfer in the bank account of the business firm.
  • If any payment is made by the third party on behalf of the company then also it will be treated as a receipt from the person who has paid the money on behalf of the company.

Receipt Voucher Template types

Voucher is used to record cash or bank receipt. There are of two types:

  • Cash receipt voucher
  • Bank receipt voucher

Cash receipt voucher denotes receipt of cash. Bank receipt voucher specifies receipt of cheque or demand draft.

Any case, cash amount paid by the third person on behalf of the business firms, no receipt voucher shall be prepared though it is the receipt in an indirect way for the business firm. For this type of transactions, the monthly voucher shall be prepared.

Document for Receipt Voucher

  • Cash Memo issued by a business rigid for cash sales.
  • Bank Instruction for direct receipt in the current account of the rigid.
  • Bank deposit slips or Bank pay in slips for deposits of the cheques, drafts and pay orders.
  • Copy of supporting letters for other receipts.

Formation of Receipt Voucher

A person who formats the receipt voucher must keep the following point in mind:

  • Date of the receipt must be written on the voucher.
  • The receipt voucher must be numbered.
  • The amount should be written both in numbers and words.
  • The receiver of money must sign the voucher.
  • The voucher must be signed by the authorized person who can advise the cashier to receive the money.
  • Copy of receipt issued by the company or another authority document must be attached to the receipt voucher.

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