What is Petty Cash Voucher?

A petty cash voucher is generally a small form that is use to document an expenditure (payment) from a petty cash endowment. Petty cash vouchers are also point out to as petty cash receipts and can be purchase from office inventory stores. The petty cash voucher should provide distance for the date, the amount contributes, […]

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Non-profit Chart of Account

Non-profit chart of account template is used by a non-profit organization, management and is a list of the accounts which is organized in the general record with an account code appropriate to each account. The non-profit chart of accounts is regulated across the non-profit part. This regulation is familiar as the “Unified Chart of Accounts” […]

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Operating Cash Flow Template Example

Operating cash flow is also known as OCF. It is a measure of the cash made by a company’s business essential operations. It is not like the net income (the amount of money remaining, after all, operating expenses). Operating cash flow express whether a company is capable to make enough positive cash flow to continue and grow its […]

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Account Receivable Template

Account Receivable Template Excel Free Download

Each one company should have a mechanism in place to manage the great balances owed to them. Using this account receivable template will help rationalize the process by handover an area for you to track the volumes due to your company and help register collection achievements. Account Receivable Template Excel For any company providing equipment or utilities, […]

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account payable template

Account Payable Template Excel Free Download

Account payable template in excel format. When making large assets for items like inventory, supplies, or apparatus it may be required to do so on credit, which could result in numerous monthly payments made to different dealers or suppliers, expected on different dates. Using this accounts payable template will help to keep a record of what you […]

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Income Statement Template

Income Statement Template Excel Free Download

Income statement template is a financial statement which tells about the company’s financial achievement for a certain period. Financial achievement or performance is a personal measure of a company, how well an organization can use resources from its primary mode of business to generate revenues. This is also a general measure to know the firm’s […]

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