Investing cash flow are the main kind of net cash activities enumerated on the statement of cash flows and contain of buying and selling long-term belongings and other investments. This is the net amount of money established and paid during an accounting period for long-term assets and investments. In these activities, like the money a corporation uses to invest in business or the money it gains from its investments.

Investing Cash Flow Template

Cash flow from investing activities is a significant feature of development and money. The activities which come in investing section are long-term assets and investments. Changes to property, plant and equipment (PPE), a large line element on the balance sheet and write in the vesting activities.

investing cash flow template

PPE (Property, Plant, Equipment):

Long-term assets usually contain permanent assets like property, plant, and equipment. For example, when a company buy a new equipment with cash, the cash outflows are noted in the investing section. On the other hand, if a company produce goods and sells, the cash earnings are scheduled in this section as well. When experts want to know that how much a company is spending on Changes to property, plant, and equipment (PPE), they can look for the sources and uses of funds in the investing section.

Capital expenditures (capex):

Capital expenditures (capex), also create in this part of the cash flow statement. In which we calculate of capital investment used in the estimation of stocks. When we see the increase in capital expenses means the company is investing, though, it also shows to a decrease in cash flow. High capital expenditures of a company shows that company is in a state of growth. Investments are slightly more complex than the long-term assets. Its main reason is that it depends on the source of the investment.

Cash Flow Statement Template Example

Investing Cash Flow Example

Here I am adding some common cash inflows and outflows which are mentioned in the investing section of the cash flows statement.


  • Cash collected from:
  • Selling trading, held for sale, and accessible for sale securities
  • Selling promotional notes
  • Selling long-term industrious assets
  • Collecting principle on third party records that don’t produce sales


  • Cash paid to:
  • Buying trading, held for sale, and accessible for sale securities
  • Buy long-term productive assets
  • Pay principle on third party notes that don’t produce sales

Examples of investing activities contains the purchase of long-term investments like property, equipment, plant and many other factors. The purchase is considered as a negative amount, because the purchases will reduce cash.

Investing activities also contain the sale of long-term assets that had been used in the company business. The money received from customer by selling products from the sale of long-term assets will also be termed in the investing activities segment of the cash flow statement. The cash received will considered as a positive amount, so its effect on money is positive.

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